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CrowPi Laptops thoughts here for your Raspberry Pi

Why are these powerful laptop cases for Pi?

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Introduction to benefits of a Pi

Introduction into benefits of a Pi

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Basically, just push or screw into action to make it work
  3. Has mouse built in
  4. protects the hard drive better here
  5. Not heavy 
  6. Gives you all the perks of a laptop but works from a Raspberry operation system

A lot of people claim it's good for school or children I think in general this kind of a dumb idea not to so much  kids should learn to code is wrong but more the idea only for kids is bit silly I would expect most of the people to want these sort of things be people around late 20's to older and I suspect for younger people be in at most 5% off the market demand for the product since a lot of younger people may hate relying on Linux Operation system instead of Windows or apple or Android system for many of them since this requires them to use a lot of more skills to make things happen which may annoy people I think in general these things are more for someone who is more of geeky person or simply loves the idea of having cool computer and getting it for a cheap price as a whole.

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