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Amazon website thoughts

  Table of contents Introduction Pros Cons General thoughts about the website Final points The idea behind Amazon is to allow people to be able to buy and sell products easily where all the parts are done from you once you add your payment  account from the Bank it should workout problems normally Sometimes accounts are not able to work in it I found a few times that the website does normally load incredibly fast which is key area of importance in regards to having any website but mostly for e-commerce since speed increases sales a lot of time for why it would be a good idea to allow people to make the purchase fast without big delays which is often a problem when it comes to website building stuff like Wordpress often horrible for e-commerce even when you use Woocommerce through it all. Pros Loads fast Easy to find things normally Easy to make a purchase normally Cons Make canceling products almost impo
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SGIN Laptop 15.6" Display Laptop 12GB RAM 512GB SSD Storage(TF Card 512GB), Celeron, Full Size Keyboard, 2xUSB 3.0, Dual Band WiFi (Black) Brand: SGIN

 Key problems here The mouse can click itself without someone touching it can't be switched of meaning anything you trying to do you can't shut it off meaning you are screwed when the mouse stops working they offered me £50 discount if I received many instead of trying to trick me to give good review make a better product? IT scams at me low quality crap from China made using second hand parts or poorly designed a equipment it stopped working very quick after I  started it and also I noticed it Struble to install Windows new system on the computer to complete it crashed a few times here on the first day I Got it. Microphone does not work well and it can work or not work at random. Speaker is super quiet hard to hear anything using it and also  it at random makes a horrible loud sound even when you not doing anything major with the computer real big appointment here. Everything seem to only sometim

Is Windows 11 as bad as so many people claim?

 First thoughts It loads fast it has a much better display than Windows 10.  I was not a fan of Windows 10 it was overall very unattractive to see or work with overall and they tried so hard to like force the app ideas towards people which did not improve the user experience in anyway overall just make things get slow or not work well overall. Only thing I did not like the idea of being forced to make a email address or use run it seemed pretty overkill to me. The start up system is a bit slow here since so much updating has  get done in order for it to be ready to work. It would be good idea to not force people to start using Edge give other options such as Chrome or Brave or something else would be good idea since Edge is pretty slow running overall and not that good from a speed viewpoint Brave is my favorite browser at the moment for speed improvements and also because it protects your data better than Google but it does run o

Christmas internet security time

 Possible scams to look for  Social Media Emails A lot of people are setting up or businesses are setting up fake profiles of fake pretty women often leading to say Telegram or other sites to try get your money out of you if you want to see if it's real or not if they jump to Telegram then it's probably fake or scam as shown here. People can setup telegrams or WhatsApp quite easily to run scams for people if you see this social media sites like Tagged or Facebook or Instagram or other ones will often delete it so leave emailing for the day it's gone it was probably a fake account or scam. It becoming more and more easy for people to setup fake accounts using A.I such as like from Chat A.I  which will allow the creation of spam or scams to probably get to giant scale you can as well automate many different things such as using Python among other options meaning the way to tell real person vs fake will become harder and harder as time goes on.

Why Windows XP the best Operation system to ever be released from Microsoft?

 Best parts of it  Loads fast Does not take up much power when it comes to loading the computer Many options to change how things look or run Hardly ever crashes Semi good security behind it Many people made software to run on it A big reason so many people liked XP compared to newer or older versions of the operation system was it would load fast most of the time even if you put it under heavy pressure such as a lot of software running or a lot of tabs on the internet browser . A lot of older videogames would run on it without many problems since it was well equipped to handle it without you having to change over how the computer works or be forced to use emulator as much for why it became very popular even today to allow older videogames to run on the computer for why some people keep these computers purely for retrogame play or other purposes. Some government bodies actually still run XP the reason for why so many people can work

cobol code

COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is a programming language that is primarily used in business and administrative systems. It's known for its readability and usage in handling large volumes of data. Although it might be difficult to cover all aspects of COBOL in a single response, I can provide you with a brief introduction and an example code snippet to help you get started. COBOL programs are composed of a series of paragraphs that contain statements. Each statement starts with a verb and ends with a period. Here's a simple example of a COBOL program that calculates the sum of two numbers: cobol Copy code IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. ADDITION. DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 NUM1 PIC 9(5). 01 NUM2 PIC 9(5). 01 SUM PIC 9(6). PROCEDURE DIVISION. DISPLAY "Enter the first number: ". ACCEPT NUM1. DISPLAY "Enter the second number: ". ACCEPT NUM2.

Development Programming Languages Python Python : Basics you should learn for beginners

    Why is Python number one programming language in the world? It's easy to understand and complete simple or complex tasks plus it has many library or APIs to allow you to perform other actions more easy through using it . Showing how simple it it to put the most common message on the screen being print("Hello world")   Wages you can get paid range from around $60,000 to max of like $150,000  per  year if you can learn this well some of the biggest companies which use this language include. Udemy Facebook Google Pinterest Instagram Twitter Netflix Spotify Reddit Redhat Lyft Youtube How to install Python on Windows and Apple.