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Hacking - Secrets of Hacking

  When he claims programming language is not needed to hack have to disagree with that the reason for why if you don't know any line of coding trying to hack anything will be often kind of hard or complex since even if you see the right target if you don't know it's right  you may never use it you can buy or get software to do hacking jobs true but that will only do limit amount of jobs in most cases. Why may it be worth you learning to hack? Money A good amount of employment changes Protect your own data better Protect websites Hacking can pay you anywhere from tiny money to giant amounts depending on how good you can do it and what forms you can master such as if you work for say big bank you could get paid say £300,000 as a hacking Manager or internet security sort of guy in some cases which is good to know in the low end work get paid like £20 to £100 for jobs you complete each time this can be done purely online or some firms will pay you money to try and go inside sys
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Lee's Web Hacking 2 ( OWASP ZAP + DVWA + SQLmap )

 Tells you some basic about hacking such as how to target different things on a website such as like name or title or price of a product . How to find the login page on PHP software and how to find out what is username and password from reading the coding language.

C++ Programming

  C++ is like an extension to the C language which can be used to make high performing software or videos games and it is considered by many people advanced language since it's possible to do most things from simple apps to high quality apps and is close to how Java language works so if you understand one or the other you should get both languages if you know one first of all. Main() function is the entry  of any C++ code


Windows 11 Thoughts?

 My favorite Windows was XP nothing else since this stopped being made was ever this good or useful from Windows such as Windows 10 was pretty bad but Windows 7 was okay as well to be fair. They put in place a lot of so called security which sounds good I guess but makes using it kind of annoying having Pin does nothing to stop attack really overall a software can crack that pin in seconds very likely even if you use a long code as well. Having Windows email to operate it is kind of stupid to force you to use it since Hotmail or Outlook from Windows is terrible service if they make it better maybe they could argue forcing people but Gmail is way better overall even Yahoo which is not maintained  often is better  hotmail or Windows email services to me. You have really ugly start APP blue coloured like colour of someone who has no graphic or colour knowledge when you click it if you get inside like the world ugly app area. Sw

Learn React JS app

React is Javascript library created by Facebook in the past to flexible and to allow apps to run more efficient it is also opensource meaning you can change it do many different jobs  and since it has virtual dom insteaf of regulat dom that allows it to run more effective and built to allow UI compents which means part of app or website.   It’s creator was man called Jordan walke in 2011 for the newsfeed  then put into action in more of Facebook or Whatapp or made opensource to the public in 2013. React V stands for view since you can see what you create with this software which the architecture can be provided by  Redux or Flux. Components this can mean just about anything in app such you could have table part which is purely table or contact form or other possible things it could create the reason for why this loads so fast it runs of virtual dom instead of regulal dom plus it only loads the part of it needed to complete the action by the user as well.

Database softwares?

  Many different possible software exist you could use for it but I am only to going to cover the one I believe is the best one for this topic here. What benefits of Python here? Speed Low costs Easy to manage Many servers can run this Can online or offline just as easy  The software here is designed to be easy to understand so speed can go big way here from work viewpoint or server or physical computer storage of databases  in general you can simply run a database using simple Python run it using the right coding or you can run it using famework such as like Flask or Djanga among other possible options so you can do it  straight Pyton or run a framework  to make things more easy for you . You can do it on free server if you want fairly easy depending on how big it  needs to or pay for things like Pythonanywhere which is only like $5 per month which should be good enough  for most small to medium-sized databa