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Is Windows 11 as bad as so many people claim?

 First thoughts

It loads fast it has a much better display than Windows 10.

 I was not a fan of Windows 10 it was overall very unattractive to see or work with overall and they tried so hard to like force the app ideas towards people which did not improve the user experience in anyway overall just make things get slow or not work well overall.

Only thing I did not like the idea of being forced to make a email address or use run it seemed pretty overkill to me.

The start up system is a bit slow here since so much updating has  get done in order for it to be ready to work.

It would be good idea to not force people to start using Edge give other options such as Chrome or Brave or something else would be good idea since Edge is pretty slow running overall and not that good from a speed viewpoint

Brave is my favorite browser at the moment for speed improvements and also because it protects your data better than Google but it does run on the same base software called Chromium like Google,Edge 90% of all the browsers in the world which can mean not having Chromium in place is hard for general internet use in most cases unless you are willing to use something like Tor for private or more secure way to browser the internet but Brave should be good enough for most people general uses to me.

I tried installing World of Warcraft I know kind of old game by modern standards but it works without issues in my thoughts on it and also Python and Julia works great on it so far or other coding themed softwares.

The Windows icon is good enough click it then find what you need by what you see or just search for it works good enough  kind of reminds me of how good  Windows XP for how well it runs anything you need done on the operation system so big credit to the team behind this one before I tried this I was serious thinking of dumping Windows for Linux but maybe some hope exists for Windows as a operation system depending on your needs or preferences.

Looks like something I hope Windows will not do the usual screw it up overall time more like they did to Windows 10 or Windows Vista 


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