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My honest Review of Surfshark VPN or ISPS protector

  VPN:  https://get. surfshark .net/aff_ c?offer_id=926&aff_id=19425 Antivirus:  https://get. surfshark .net/aff_ c?offer_id=934&aff_id=19425 Incogni: offer_id=1017&aff_id=19425 Helps you to secure your data online by using VPNS to hide what you do online.   The basic point of VPN is to protect what you do online this could be because of your career or shyness or many someone fears being reported to the government body for why they may feel the need to do it plus for some jobs being able to swap IPS can be a powerful thing to show you are working from say USA than where you are based in say Italy so showing IP can show you as well the internet very different as well since somethings are illegal depending where you live such as like Chat GPT is now not allowed to work on it  having IP from somewhere it is accepted is a good way to make of this powerful software.

FANG businesses for jobs

 A lot of firms like Facebook or Amazon all experience being in business with no competition or almost no competition plus unlimited funding it was more less impossible to fail for most of there business lifetime consider this if you could run any business and have unlimited funding supply for all of your business life or most of it then like 95% of them would probably become successful since  you could buy your success. Facebook made a lot of giant mistakes over META made me wonder if Mark really believed in this area or it was just a process to rebrand Facebook the reason to try and make it seem cool or interesting since Facebook saw mostly like old person site which makes sense since it has no real coolness under Zuckerberg way he acts. The idea of open META sounded to most people in the world silly when you consider the graphics they made were terrible and world of war craft has existed for a long time no one bragged about it being META game or META system but Mark did so much for

Physical hacking using a Raspberry Pi

 A lot of people don't understand how powerful a microcomputer can be used please not I am not suggesting you do anything illegal but if you have a job as whitehat hacker or you get paid by the firm you could bring one of these it gets it connected if you can go inside an office or bank in  some cases then get paid money to do this which could be cool to do it in some cases all you would do is go inside the office this can be done by just being confident or looking the part of the other stuff I saw someone do it before which impressed me so showing you how easy it is do it to other people .

Virtual servers

 It can be done many ways such you can get free server of like Pythonanywhere for free or paid one for like $5 but this will work purely from the Python server but can still give you many good benefits if you are happy to work within the Python python platform. Github can give you a super powerful server all for free this can work off like Windows ,Linux,Raspberry Pi or anything else as long as you are willing to spend time doing the coding work many possible option exist to run a online server to do some cool or exciting coding work to me as a whole.

Acer Laptop Reviews - Top Picks

Benefits of Acer ? Good value for money High quality Nothing goes wrong Reliable  A lot of people forget about Acer value for many since they see terrible laptops such as one made from SGIN which can be cheaper sometimes but often break or give you shit value for money when you consider how often crash over made from china shit quality service wise overall. In  most Acers will be as good quality as a computer costing $100 to max of $1000 more from another brand such as like Sony or Alien Wear which often surprised me more people don't speak highly of  when  so many terrible brands exist such as like Lenovo probably worst creator of computers in the world now overall for no quality is the main thing they always do for why so many of them computers break so fast most of the time or compete with screen or error problems often . I have a few laptops from them which are over 10 years old still work fine I use th

Learn Basics of Julia Programming Language

  High level programming language which can do the following possible things with it which include Machine learning A.I Website designing App building Maths You can download it of for Windows,Mac or Linux and also get training of the website as well or watch youtube videos about the language. press SI tab two times to get  a lot  the functions of Julia which is a useful thing to know or learn here. plus use ST tab two times. press Control C to clear the screen. Used by many companies around the world including Blackrock Capital One Netflix  You can connect Julia and Python together using Pycall library.

Review of Blurrybit

 The man behind it has the following big advantages for hiring him compared to others Smart Kind Polite intelligent Hardworkers Great coder Seen before many amazing things he made from websites of high quality him being hired by many smart people all around the world and also a very talented programmer in the top end of the field in my mind.  Crypto to me is a pretty hard area to understand or make work but this guy bro has managed a very successful one to be used by the SEO community which is very cool and unique never seen this done in the Search engine community before so that is something we can admire in my thoughts. Very good at deep thinking which when it comes to the software niche this is a big part of someone being able to make high quality or smart software vs bad or boring thing which has no value to man or beast which is a big reason for the deep thinking this guy has

Julia - Future Python

 The  introduction  into Julia for why it could be as good as using many other languages such as like Python or C language or other ones but being easy for people to understand by the simple language it will rely on . Has at least 13million downloads so far proving it's popular and is used at least 1500 universities so far. It can beat Python on speed or has there own project manager being pkp instead of Pip with Python. Julia has lack of community support compared to other software plus library on them can be kind of weird compared to say Python. Supported on Windows,Mac,Linux as well so most operation system used in the world it should be able work on most of the time. How to install the software through the command prompt  and showing you how the coding language from this is more simple to learn than Python is overall . Puts less server stress by using this language compared to many others and doing maths is overall very simple

Python X

 The starter part of it teaches you the basic of how to run software of Python and gives you information into such as the name of the creator of it  and also what it can be used for such as. Websites Apps Software Data Science Machine learning The advantage of being easy to learn and the advantage of this compared to other programming languages I think and for free app I think it is a pretty good idea for a good tool kind of like free education for this app you can buy paid version of this app if you want ot use as well which is good idea to me as a whole and tells you some of the ways to type out the code as well bit in this course which is a smart idea to me.

Problems with A.I content?

 Quality could be low or produce terrible information  for example it can't check if something is wrong if it does not have data on it for example lets say a new sports event happened to some kind of team for example say Manchester United it might be using data from the past meaning that does not represent the team right anymore such they may buy a new player or sold one which the system still claims is playing for them. A lot of the content I saw from Chat GPT overall from the 3.5 looks to me pretty shit not really any better than like someone you could get for like $5 or less money from Fiverr or Facebook groups to me as a whole. I wonder as well how many people can actually make money from normally low quality articles unless you have a load of site articles done with in theory one or more of them getting people to click your products or affiliate links then it would be kind f hard to get much traffic or s

Create Python code to make bulk generate AI images

  To generate AI images in bulk, we can use a deep learning library like TensorFlow and a pre-trained image generation model like DALL-E or GPT-3's image generation API. Here's a general outline of the code: Install necessary libraries: TensorFlow, Pillow (Python Imaging Library) Load the pre-trained image generation model. For example, if using DALL-E, we can use the OpenAI API to generate images. Define a function that takes in a list of text prompts and generates an image for each prompt. The function should call the image generation model for each prompt and save the resulting image to a specified folder. Here's the Python code that implements this: python Copy code import requests import json from PIL import Image # API key for OpenAI API_KEY = 'YOUR_API_KEY_HERE' # Function to generate image from text prompt def generate_image ( prompt, model ): url = '' headers = { 'Content-Typ