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Linux Tutorials and Projects

  Teaches you how to manage passports on any Linux system or with teams or family members to keep things secure. Shows you how to check if your Linux server is up to date  or how to use the commands to install new software on the server and how to setup a website to make this process take plus and install SSL as well in action. Shows you how to setup a good password and security key and how to use the extension on Firefox or another browser style and how to connect your server to your computer. Gives Server management information and also the right codes to use to make it run efficiently and how to connect master servers to slave ones and how to use Apache servers or use SQL services. Teaches you some basic of how to run a server in the Linux or Apache setup or how to setup SSL or free automatic way to use code to say  Yes command automatic.

Why is Microsoft investing into Open A.I a problem?

   In general, whenever Bill Gates touches anything he normally wreaks some good examples of his failures include Skype Dreamweaver Rare In general nothing they have touched so far has not good from good to terrible normally very fast and I doubt if Gates has invested enough money into the firm they can do much to stop it for example they keep pushing more and more wokeness ideas on it such as you can't tell a joke about women but against men is fine and in general if you create a software it should not really have any political  viewpoint so it just gives the correct information for example lets say governments now or do in the future they put into place rules against it tell you some things which I kind of suspect is already in place for example Bill may have put in the place the lie about him creating DOS to hide he stole it from Gary  before. I would agree with Musk it should be Open or open sour

Social Media Automation or Software use

  The biggest problems which often happen is people try and do it to fast when most of the Social media such as like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram are like anti spam which means if you try and do things to fast you can get your account banned quick here is good example from someone using Python for Facebook pages. Getting a small amount of images meme style from reddit sent to a Facebook page got the page more less banned after just doing it for like 2   days which is pretty extreme when you consider how fast  Facebook servers are overall. Most social media software can't really tell well what is done by human or software overall so they will often ban someone if they are fast person which again means if you try and automatic anything for running a successful social media account can get messy very often. You need to try and do it as slowly or natural as possible which can mean you can't really make any money from it unless you have like 10 to 1000 different accounts you promote a

What is the basic point of making a Software?

To solve a problem in simple terms  For example if  you need to perform a sum that you find is hard or complex to complete then using say Python language to allow you to code out a calculator is a good idea here then since it is well equipped to allow maths functions to work from within the programming language overall   The problem you may solve can be simple or complex a like for example lets look at say Netflix or you want to have your own version of this service what are the key things we need to know before picking the right language? What is the problem we are trying to solve? How strong a server do we need? How user friendly does it need to be? For Movie or TV show service we need it is to be user friendly such as like having a search bar and recommendation feature we would need to probably code that into affect unless we use script already coded in for us . For Server strength it will need to be h Review

 What can we use this software for ? Training Code websites or software Make articles Learn a new language Make songs or poems Training is something all normal adults want to keep doing until they get to old since for a lot of people the exact second you told learning you, in theory, start dying and you become in most cases less successful can you could with more training overall which is something worth thinking about me overall.   Training can include learning a new skill or talent such as leaning the basic of how to understand the Python coding language of Java or  another skill which is a good way to make best use of  it since it's like having unlimited supply of master in all fields more less next  to your fingertips all the time.

Software engineering as a job

You can work for anyone in the world and do it purely online if you prefer so work from home which is the dream of many young or older people alike over the idea of being your own boss and working the hours you work per day or year alike. The best languages to learn for full time or part time work be HTML or Python Hyper Text Markup Language is how websites run for a large part of what you see in regards to how hyperlinks work such as like this”<a href="url">link text</a>”   that allows backlinks to work on a site where one site links out to another one which is ranking factor for how Google or Bing or most other Search engines. Website work can be simply Wordpress build which means you just have to understand at best basic of HTML and CSS to be able to create websites or plugins normally it could be learned in like 1 month probably for the learner part of it and even the advanced stuff is not mu

PythonAnywhere Review

 All You Need to Know June 24, 2022 As the name suggests, PythonAnywhere is an online web hosting that provides the best solution for python web applications. Using this platform, you can effortlessly run and host your websites. The good news is that you don’t need to install any other software because PythonAnywhere will manage everything for you. So, if you are having a difficult time managing your own server, this tool is the best option for you. Want to know more about this company? Below is the in-depth review that will help you understand more about it. PythonAnywhere : Introduction As mentioned above, it is one of the best web hosting companies located in London. It’s almost 7 years old and helps write codes in one go. You can quickly create and run python programs. Furthermore, you can use its own server, which means you don’t have to pay any extra fees for the storage. Css What’s more, you can also create D

Python Introduction

It was created by a Dutch man called Guido van Rossum the idea behind it all was to all anyone be able to create amazing software or perform actions by the code being simple to understand thanks to the talents of Guido. When you use Python it can tell you errors come up which means it’s very user friendly and fun to use overall. What can you make or do with the coding system? Complete complex maths Allow scientists to form complex experiments Make websites Create games Make apps Maths is something which is very important in regards to work or science a lot of time as such Python being able to perform simple or complex Maths sums or understand a formula is a powerful tool for a lot of business people all around the world overall even school teachers use it more and more for work or teaching the classes now. When it comes to the life of science a big part of what they do in daily or year basic if perform experiments which c

What is Wishlist member

April 16, 2022 Integrations  If you are planning to sell courses you will need payment connected the main two you need will be Paypal or stripe you could add other quite easy by simply just logging into your accounts from within the Wishlist then going to your actual accounts to approve this. Email providers are simply the software or email provider you use to send updates to your customers or people using your membership platform such as when you add in a new part of your course or if you are giving them discount each month MailChimp is one of the best here you can use it for free or for tiny money a month and it generally works perfectly .

CSS purpose

June 20, 2022 Having the CSS on page on an HTML site allows the site to change many different things which could include Colour Style Font Speed The colours on-site can make things look better or increase your traffic or sales if it’s right for example with The Rangers football club  you would want blue to appear on the website someone where since that is the main colour of the football club so having blue could be used to make the site visitors stay longer or happier since this is the main colour of the team or there rival be Celtic who most people think about them with Green since the team came from Ireland so having green on the site could increase your site visitor stay time overall. The style should fit the purpose of the site for example if it’s a simple landing page you need to promote a product for example a health care product then just having the images show up right in quality and speed wise with a nice easy to follow such as like bright yellow or white or black colour so t

Blogger platform

 June 20, 2022 Advantages of this site style Loads very fast Free to use it short term or long term a like Has a lot of themes or styles you can get for free or buy quite easy as well if you want them. Good amount of SEO onpage can be done on just Blogger own setting over the site overall The platform gives you one of the best servers in the world for it being free it can be good long term as well as short term you are getting a server worth over $1000 per month roughly for free and it will never fail really overall since a lot of other servers experience often down time for a hour or so per month when compared to free source like Blogger in some cases the idea of moving a blogger server to like your own paid server it can often not make much sesne for why some people run success long term blogger sites some of the time it can work on like blog or ecommerce or other styles overall pretty well for most people . To make it run right

Accounting part of Ecommerce

June 20, 2022 Costs Sales Profit Months $1000 0 -1000 1 $1000 0 -2000 2 $2000 500 -1500 3 $2000 1000 –500 4 $2000 1500 +1000 5 $2000 2000 +3000 6 $2000 3000 +6000 7 $2000 4000 +10,000 8 $2000 5000 +15,000 9 $2000 5500 +20,500 10 $2000 6000 +26500 11 $2000 4000 +30,500 12 The simple table here can be used to show you some possible route you could make a profit from over 12 month period it could be more or less depending on the services or your budget overall. Tablepress Many people who start ecommerce think it’s like this you buy a domain and hosting then you will make money very fast in most cases that is fully impossible unless you have big budget or understand SEO or PPC well or get lucky for one way or another overall. Ecommerce is overall a pretty competitive niche in most cases for example lets say you can only spend like $1000 for PPC per month and your competitor can spend like $5000 per month you will not be able to ge

Why do so many CMS work poorly long term often?

June 7, 2022 Speed Badly coded Themes lack style or quality often Designed for small or medium sites often Hosting can cost more and more often on these styles of sites Bad to making unique Speed is something all CMS often are very bad at this is often connected to bad coding and also basically many are designed for only one or a small number of things such as WordPress is for blogging for why it often sucks at Ecommerce work or makes the slow get worse and worse often since it’s designed for the blogging idea not over for why the speed often goes downhill fast, for example, BuddyPress is good sure designed or idea wise but for social media site if you want real one custom HMTL is normally the best way to do it so you can upgrade things fast to suit a ever-changing  site visitor base . Badly coded is often a case with many of them all over many people who make them often don’t come from a coding or website designing background for why many add on things like themes or plugins or extens

Drupal review

June 7, 2022 Strong Benefits Secure CMS will load fast overall It can work without using extensions or plugins Themes look good most of the time Ecommerce A lot of people don’t know that Drupal is overall a secure system since most people don’t know how to work log into it to easy over the popular of say WordPress instead and overall never heard any myself complains about secure I  would guess some people have problems with it secure wise. Hacked extensions or themes don’t really exist in this CMS overall so that alone can make things more secure overall.   Loading fast is something that impressed me a lot when  I first used this overall.   You can use it straight out after installing it without you being forced to keep installing or adding in new features all the time I found you could work it without installing any add onto the site which is really cool overall. Themes will mostly be coded very well since

Why are WordPress people so easily offended?

June 2, 2022 Many of these people believe working in WordPress means you can design as well as anyway well or understand HTML or CSS perfectly when in reality only like 5% to 10% I would guess can understand it well or even okay. WordPress was created to make website designing if you like idiot prove in a lot of ways since even a child or young person can work it easily without having to do training for months or years in most cases and you can find support on youtube videos or forums or websites in general quite easy overall. Many of these people for some reason develop a very big ego for using WordPress to do jobs which for most real website designers or programmers it’s super funny such as one guy Yankee got super mad when I told him WordPress was out of date and not good for real designing he was so upset like a child at best. Another sort of famous dope will not say the name got so offended over the idea not everyone wants to use WordPress anymore the reason for why he was trying

Introduction into React

 June 2, 2022 A bit of context is needed here it was created by Facebook and developed in 2011 to allow better things to happen on Facebook or other sites later on the idea behind it was sort of cleanup some of the issues with Javascript is incredible true but from SEO viewpoint is often bad or weak since it will often get the process wrong by Google or other search engines as such React was created as a library to fix this issues or problems overall. Why some people may dislike this is a good thing to know well for one a lot of updates don’t come with if you like training much or video support meaning it could prove someone could work the first version of the software perfect then next one is a big problem for some people and many people struggle to relearn softwares or things fast meaning it may take each person like 1 month to learn the updates by the time that happens say another one could maybe come out which may annoy some people .

Why is WordPress bad now?

May 23, 2022 Old fashioned Not designed for Ecommerce Mostly made for blogs overall Bit basic bad for coding jobs Not designed for busy websites very bloated software Well the Php software was created in like 1996 by a Danish Canadian man it was great or cool at the time period but now it is in a lot of ways very dated overall now. Serpstat WordPress is mostly just for a simple themed blogging site where you have like a site which talks about say health so you have like 100 or so articles covering different health areas such as about skincare or other things but for ecommerce it often becomes slow or weak normally plus WordPress is not designed to work well on big or busier sites often for why it often once a site gets too busy WordPress is normally replaced with say Drupal or something else to handle things to make sure nothing fails to often plus server cost can rocket over WordPress is full of things most people don’t need or use overall which does not help things much here. Android