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Christmas internet security time

 Possible scams to look for  Social Media Emails A lot of people are setting up or businesses are setting up fake profiles of fake pretty women often leading to say Telegram or other sites to try get your money out of you if you want to see if it's real or not if they jump to Telegram then it's probably fake or scam as shown here. People can setup telegrams or WhatsApp quite easily to run scams for people if you see this social media sites like Tagged or Facebook or Instagram or other ones will often delete it so leave emailing for the day it's gone it was probably a fake account or scam. It becoming more and more easy for people to setup fake accounts using A.I such as like from Chat A.I  which will allow the creation of spam or scams to probably get to giant scale you can as well automate many different things such as using Python among other options meaning the way to tell real person vs fake will become harder and harder as time goes on.