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Bengal review

 April 17, 2022

Starting an online business is great! But everything is fun and games until someone decides to do some hacking at your place. Such cybercrimes can cause minimal to irreversible damage, so security is a must! Sadly, most people don’t give website safety much attention since it requires effort and investment. But what if your computer handled it all for you without costing you a fortune? That’s right, there’s a tool for that, and it’s called Beagle! 

What’s So Great About Beagle?  

Beagle is a web application tool that tests for vulnerabilities in your website. It looks for peepholes, breaches, and any weak spots that an imposter might use to get in. Here are some essential features of Beagle that make your website(s) safe:

Fast Penetration Testing   

Manual testing takes weeks (two to three, to be precise), which is why most people postpone it endlessly. With Beagle Security, you can complete an automated testing procedure within hours and days. With a simple click, your entire online presence undergoes a complete in-depth analysis, with several tests being done simultaneously in the background.  

bengal Cat

One Dashboard, Multiple Platforms

You can secure and test multiple applications, websites, and environments through a single dashboard. This facility makes management so much easier if you own different websites. Since you don’t have to work separate tests for separate sites, you can save a lot of data and storage space.  

Identification Of Problems 

Once the security test is over, the dashboard shows you all the details it found, including your vulnerabilities and your security score. You also get classified based on the severity of your website’s condition. And apart from indicating the current problems, Beagle Security also shows a complete trend of your website’s vulnerability over time. It depicts your site’s history through understandable graphs and tables. Furthermore, all of this data is also downloadable, and you can choose any file format, including PDF, XML, JSON, or CSV.  

Detailed Solutions 

If you don’t know what to do about the problems, there is no use in having the

software, right? So, Beagle Security tells you what to do about the identified vulnerabilities. It gives you recommendations and suggests how to fix every security issue on the dashboard. These solutions are stepwise, so they make it easy for you to understand and follow the process. 

Scheduling Security Tests

You can schedule weekly and monthly security tests on the software to leave it on autopilot. You don’t have to sit on the computer desk or press any buttons to initiate the test. It’ll do everything on its own once you set the schedule. Now, you can go and focus on other essential aspects of

your business and leave the rest to Beagle! 

Wrapping It Up

If you are interested in trying it out, you can choose from three different tiers. Each package costs differently, offers a particular number of tests per month and has separate account limits. You can try the software for 60 days. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back, and no one will ask you why. 


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