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Is safe?

April 17, 2022

A wee introduction into this software it’s designed to allow you to play Android apps on your windows or Mac computers such as videogames or WhatsApp among many more things.

One thing which really blow my mind when I started using it is how incredibly slow it makes computers I tried it on two both computers super slow and it needs a giant amount of internet power which is kind of weird when it should in theory not need that much since on a smaller uses amount in theory than a standard computer overall. Laptop

I found even on a new computer I bought 2 weeks ago with 4 Ram it was super slow many of the videos would not work right or would take forever to load which kind of surprised me since an emulator should make things in theory work a lot faster than the normal way for example with a Snes Bluestacks emulator it should make games run way faster than standard videogame console since a modern or semi modern computer will have more process power than a Snes since it was made quite a long time ago so the super slow speeds of Bluestacks tells me it was programmed right . showing different colour files stacked together Play Bigger

The program from what I could see so far breaks the logic of using giving super slow speeds a long is issue to give you big annoying problems next problems because it slows so much of your computer down it could easy break your computer to me if you want to work it safetly you would need a computer worth at least $1000 if not using the program pretty bad idea overall .

Many of the programs can’t work well for example even Whatapp is overall very slow on it which should not be the case since it is a small app overall next thing which goes wrong here is that the camera as well will flip your face or the other person face upside if you see the other person face it could not work for my own face in all cases it’s kind of weird ot stupid as well you can’t send images direct from within the app which kind of breaks all forms of logic for why using this since if you have Windows you could be easily able to copy images to it instead of no way to do it without taking photos from within your program which is a bit silly overall.

Many of the features don’t work on the software over it giving you such a incredibly poor internet speed overall and also because of the service draining a giant amount of computer power overall.

I found it kind of weird that in most cases shutting down this service is like a nightmare all other Windows software you click your mouse then job done in most cases but for

here does not work it does not shut so then you have to find the program still running in your windows screen then press quit again so even annoying at job but super easy to do in all other services overall.


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