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TrueRanker Review

April 17, 2022

Do you run a website? If you run an e-commerce site, know that your business depends on your SEO strategy. Finding the appropriate keyword is the first step to developing a better search engine ranking.

You might find many relevant keyword-hunting tools, but TrueRanker tops them all. What’s fascinating about this service is that you will find different tools inside it, so you don’t have to go to any other place for your needs. This tool will rank your website among hundreds of thousands of websites. 

What is TrueRanker?

TrueRanker is one of the most effective SEO Rank Trackers for Google. If you want your online business to expand, this tool might be it. TrueRanker provides accurate SEO keywords for your venture that would help increase its ratings.

Says TRUERANKER with fancy blue colour above the N and also back around it

TrueRanker is generally used for its accuracy. This tool will be great for those who yearn for a reliable tool for SEO Google rankings. 

The best thing about TrueRanker is that it wouldn’t let you spend hours on keyword researching. If you’re a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or internet marketer, you must have this utility. TrueRanker contains many insightful tools to rank your website on top search engines.

You will get real-time Google rank data for any particular webpage or a keyword. It enables you to look for the top search keywords for any niche website. You can get a detailed list of keywords searched for a particular topic.

How To Use TrueRanker?

The best thing about TrueRanker is its easy usage. The users don’t have to struggle to find the keyword. Let’s break down the significant steps that TrueRanker require for keyword research:

Create an account on TrueRanker.

Get started.

Create a project from the main menu.

Type the URL or Domain inside.

Choose the country you want to work in.

Creating a Project

While creating a new project on TrueRanker, choosing the right one for you is necessary. Doing this will ensure that you will receive maximum value from the keyword researcher.

Here are some types of projects you can choose from:

Single Domain:

This type of project helps control and retrieve information from all the pages of an individual website.

Domain and Subdomain:

This project helps monitor both the main and subdomains.


This type of project will help analyze an entire subdirectory or any particular category on the website.

Single URL:

As the name suggests, the single URL project will only analyze a single page from the website.

Chrome Extension:

It will help monitor over a Google Chrome extension.

Adding the URL

Once you finalize the project type, the next thing to do is add the corresponding URL and select the country. The TrueRanker keyword researcher will display a series of keywords based on your location, interests, and other similar dynamics.

These suggestions will be an excellent way to start the project. Other relevant keywords will also be displayed as your project progresses. 

Analyze the Ranking

Once your project is created, and the first keywords are added, it’s time to analyze the data provided by the TrueRanker tool. It will provide valuable information about which keyword will help you rank better and make you go to the top of Google searches.

Features of TrueRanker

Let’s show you some remarkable capabilities that TrueRanker possesses.

Daily Updates:

The TrueRanker is an epic tool to track your website’s Google search ranks. It does that in real-time. Its advanced mechanism helps keep track of individual and competitor keyword rankings. This way, you can see what keywords your competitors are using and how much they are getting ranked.

Moreover, TrueRanker will gather your location data, keyword researchers, estimated visits, and CPCs to inform how the keyword research and Google ranks have progressed for the project.

SEO Analyzer:

You can get a deep analysis of the SEO status on your website. The SEO checking tool will check any SEO-related issue and create a ranking report to analyze further.

Apart from SEO-related reports, it will also include keyword and backlink analysis traffic statistics and more.

Keyword Competition:

The TrueRanker will show you a list of low-competition keywords that will make your website rank better. The AI tools inside it will help you hunt for unique keywords.

 The data about keywords inside is accurate and categorized according to your needs. It will also show those keywords that are highly likely to be ranked on Google’s first page.

Local Findings:

TrueRanker can also find which companies and competitors are searching for these days. You can analyze those keywords and create a similar strategy to give your local competitors a run for their money.

In addition to this, it will also help manage your business online, tap into local shoppers, and help generate more sales. You can also use this tool to rank your business on Google Maps and get the benefits of local online advertising.

Bad Content Detection:

When you run TrueRanker on your website, it will detect duplicate, irrelevant, and cannibalized content on it. You can find the cannibalized keywords and correct them for better SEO.

Console API Integration:

TrueRanker also integrates with the Google Search Console API to diagnose web properties. It will help in keyword tracking for a particular business.

It will also help fine-tune your Google Search Console account by verifying and optimizing it.

The Pros and Cons of TrueRanker

Let’s see the strong and weak areas of TrueRanker.


It helps create multiple projects for a website.

TrueRanker helps find the right keywords to target for your site.

It helps increase the website’s visibility.

You can use it on the web, apps, and WordPress.

TrueRanker lets you share projects with clients.


It is a paid tool.

Final Review

Let’s conclude our review by saying that TrueRanker is a convenient tool that you should look upon if you are interested in improving your SEO strategy. It provides excellent keywords data, accurate search volume, rank checking, and a rank tracker.  TrueRanker will be the perfect tool that monitors your daily SEO activities.


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