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WordPress designing

April 16, 2022

You want to build a website but no idea how to program or code websites into full HTML language ?

WordPress is overall one of the world most simple ways to build a simple or advanced website overall.

Shows amazing  examples of how you could do  HTML to make head icon for like graphics

Lets talk about Plugins first

What can a Plugin do?

Make contact forms

Add Skype calls features

speed up a website

improve compression of images automatic or semi automatic from simply clicking your mouse a few times

Make a membership site

Compress code

Use cache plugin which can be used to improve the speed of a site

Check Google speed from within your website

Check website traffic using software such as Monster or Google own ones as well or other traffic monitor softwares 

Make a website become arcade site

Turn a site instant into professional-looking e-commerce site much better than Shopify ones

Spam on Wordpres can become very annoying so you will need a plugin like Antispam Bee to help stop that problem for you .

Having tables on WordPress site can be used to help you rank easier on Search engines or help you to sell products or services alike they may seem out of date if you been doing website designing for a long period of time but they are still liked by many people all around the world overall.

Don’t understand SSL? This may sound a strange question to but let me explain when you have website which has https instead of http or this means it has SSL in place which is now ranking factor according to Google so you need it to try and make your website seem more secure overall so having plugin to do this for you can be cool since it can be a bit complex to setup manually sometimes.

All in one SEO is one is probably the most common or popular SEO plugin overall since it’s very simple to use and will generally not give you big problems like Yoast does all the time.

What is a Theme?

A theme in simple styles is the style you want your website to have such as :





Local business

Animals or pets




website designing


Social media

Lead generation

Taxi firm

Hotel or bed and breakfast

The styles you can get can cover any website style more less you can get free themes covering most niches very easily or buy one for cheap money normally at most $100 but a lot cost less than so no big money to pay a professional website designer anymore if you feel comfortable working on sites yourself or someone in your team does .

How to change the theme just click activate on your new theme it should normally happen within few seconds giving you the possible way to change your site style more less instantly which is big advantage if you need a website upgrade or redesign for whatever reasons which can be used to increase your sales or your client sales a like.

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