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Keep Your Website Safe from Hackers with Our Top Website Security Tips!


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Have a complex passwords some good examples not to use include like this

  1. Your name
  2. Girlfriend or boyfriend name
  3. Son or daughter's name
  4. Parent name
  5. password
  6. pet name you want a password to be complex or confusing so a person can not work easy or software a good example could be like this frbh6nujimd3ssvdgyhuDjik"dghy3 now if we look at this password will the average person be able to remember this ? The answer would be no and cracking software would take a while to break through this which should give you webmaster time to stop it normally.

Never use hacked or risky extensions since some can steal your username or password so always perform a security check before you use it or have a computer you can use outside of your work computer to perform tasks if you need things to happen with extensions.

Never install something you don't know if it's safe or not since it could be virus,trojan,warm  in some cases so install it first on a virtual computer then test if it's dangerous or not to keep things keep safe.

Try whenever possible to log into your site at server so it's much harder to hack if you have the usual Wordpress admin URL then it's super easy to use that to log into a site so it's not security and hacking Wordpress with even having security plugins is not hard to do so getting server level site setup like say Python or React can be good way to keep sites from being hacked as well .


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