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Black Friday 2020 Appsumo!

April 17, 2022 allows you to be able to make up content at a faster rate than normal since all you do is type into the software your area you want to do such as Manuka honey which then pull up information for you to be able to read and use quickly saving you the trouble of having to spend time on Search engines to find information since it does all the work for you semi-automatic overall allowing you to get articles completed at a faster rate such as it normally takes you 1 hour to get content complete it may now take you 30 minutes through using this software.

Sort of messed up way to show people during Black Friday sale in a shopping area

Come On Get Happy Happy Scribe

Trying to transcribe audio manually can take you a lot of time spending on the video such as say 2 hours worth of time on a small video to bigger one taking anywhere from 24 hours to even longer in some cases meaning you can’t focus on business or other tasks if you do that is where Happy Scribe comes into help since it does for you semi automatic meaning you can focus on other things using this wonderful service.

Has the best speech to text technology and is alternative to you using Trint if it notice a mistake in your content you have do a quick manually check over it quite fast which is a impressive add on feature you can also do it in other languages to just English which is useful if you want to work through other languages.


This allows you buy premision quality images to use in your product when you are working on high end sites or doing work for clients having a way to get good quality images fast is very useful that is where this service comes in you buy this then for the $39 price you can download 100 images which to me is a good deal and overall if you are buying images you are talking around £$20 each on the end scale so that alone means if you bought it would cost more than the total price of this so can save you both money and time using this service if you want high end pictures.

Thrifty Nifty

Allows you to manage a business project more easily by letting be able to set goals and actions and communication from within side the software.

Project work around milestone which is simply your most important objectives to complete and the tasks parts involve what you have to do such as email client or fix website onces it’s done you just click to change it to done.

All the Tasks you or the people you work with appear in the Task area meaning you can find out easy what needs doene for each project . You can assign a person to complete the task as well so each person knows what they are meant to do each week which you can also push notification so they will be told to do the task as well so no one should in theory forget to complete the job.

You can have zoom calls through it meaning if you need to have video call with them all can be done in a quick way.

Google docs can work from within this setup meaning you can use the documents from within which can be used to save time or simply make work more simple without you having to leave this website.

Overview allows you to see every part of the project meaning you can see what needs done and by what time or date is meant to be completed by allowing you to get jump into getting things done faster if you got delayed for some reason as well.

All Tasks allow you to see what your employees are doing at work or still needing to get done which can allow you to manage things more efficient.

Seems overall quite similar to how Gitscrum works .

FreshLMS review

The Basic point of this is to allow you to sell courses such as you are management expert you could setup a course teaching people how to manage people more effective and sell the course for say $300 to different people meaning you could use this to make you money every month once you have course ready to sell.

GDPR Compliant you can get unlimited hosted videos for just extra $9 a month which to me is very reasonable overall.

You can sell unlimited courses such as 1 to say 100 a year if you have many courses to sell that could be very useful for you overall and unlimited students meaning you can take on as many as you want to here.

10GB per Author account which to me is reasonable amount to get from a LTD offer overall and you can host 3 videos person landing page which is decent amount overall anymore than three is normally bad idea to me 

Unlimted payments meaning you can sell how ever much you want a month say $2000 or $10,000 or even more if you want too.

Having intergrations can be very useful to allow you to connect many different services together which can allow this to run a lot better for you overall and having course builder which is user friendly is great thing to have meaning you don’t need a lot of practice or training to work this overall.

Quizzes can be great to increase sales by getting people to answer questions then you could possibly from this give them something free such as maybe free add on unit they could make use or maybe even a private call with you where you guide them more on a personal level.

Some people prefer when doing courses to get Certification like what you get from college or university so having this feature built in may increase your sales a lot or even you could use it as selling point if you want as well.


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