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Flash Software History

April 17, 2022

According to Windows company, they will stop allowing Flash to work anymore from December 2020 which brings the big question of what happens now to all the Flash websites or games made.?

You should be amazed how many Flash things were made for example games alone you talking so many millions made .

The Futurewave company was founded by two men called Charlie Jackson and Jonathan Gay both of these men cofounded the company . interest. 

White camera flash style

Jonathan Gay for 10 years was the main programmer or visioner person behind it for why it became so important or useful to people all around the world more less. Made Energy systems for people's homes.

When MSN and Disney decided to use FutureSplash Animator for their websites, Macromedia made an offer to buy FutureWave Software and the acquisition was completed in December, 1996. FutureSplash Animator was renamed Flash 1.0  Grammarly

Macromedia Flash was the software first called was invented 1993 to 1996 the reason I say it’s between this time period since the creators of the software company ended shortly after the Flash software was sold to Gary Macromedia company it’s hard to say the exact date but we can say they did invent the software either way. .The business also invented Dreamweaver a famous company people used to use to make websites before it came out of Fashion after Bill Gates wreaked it for the quality and deleted the forum which used to have website masters but now does not exist anymore.

Please note more words or details will be added to this article shortly !


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