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Gary Kildall inventor of Dos

 April 17, 2022

The many most people never think about but he was the creator of a software that allowed people to move on from the complex skills it required to do simple things like open a program or click a mouse or watch video or anything else easy to allow people to complete these sort of things very easy and without needing like a Master Degree in computing to be able to do any of these things. Swipe pages. 

Gary Kildall  in white shirt

While he was out flying his plane IBM went to his house to try and buy it but his wife and him were both known the wiser that him being away cost him basically all the money Bill Gates made later on at that moment in time so Bill Gates had a small business which then contracts IBM claiming they had a computer software to sell them it was just in reality just a software company of Gary Dos software but he sold it to IBM with them not knowing I suspect at the time.

When Mr Kildall found out he was clearly annoyed but there was very little he could do since IBM was to rich or powerful so he got offered this which was very bad with Mr Gates prcing the software at $40 but Mr Kildall selling his at $240 meaning his software would cost 6 times the price of the other one which was pretty much the same thing as such people bought Bill stuff instead of Gary meaning he lost out on serious money. Flash.

The sad end to the computing legend was he in bar drunk and got into fight with a Biker and sadly died over what happened in the fight to him and also his past drinking problem many people have no idea of the credit we should all place towards this man who should have being Bill Gates instead of him this is also why I suspect everything Gates touch he wreaks since he was never programmer or computing expert instead just good sort of sales man which is also why he has wreaked so many softwares so far such as Skype and all other softwares they bought they wreaked very fast meaning he’s kind of like the cancer for all softwares since nothing say from his bad ideas or teams bad coding skills overall part of why I generally refuse to buy anything Microsoft buy over software or games wise since it always goes from good or okay to terrible very fast document all the problems they made in programs would require a giant amount of people working all the time since they make new mistakes everyday of the week more less so impossible for one person to hope to cover the problems made by one stupid man overall


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