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All website design stylesJune 20, 2022

The point of this site is to allow you to  do any style such as forum or blog or ecommerce without any limits of possible CMS you may use

WordPress The style of this is all about making things easy so a child or adult alike can build a high quality site

HTML white coloured style of A with a grey background

Drupal Fast loading and well equipped for e-commerce companies

Shopify Designed so even a child can run a successful ecommerce business 

Magento Fully equipped to allow high end Ecommerce business to allow to sell products fast through your business or like amazon or ebay semi automatic

scripts To allow you to have any kind of  website without you having to code or pay someone to make it run for you 

Wix Like a 1990s style of website

Css The way your website gets it’s style overall



The basic point of full on coded site it means you need to have to understand how Hyper Text Mark up language works this means you need to understand how to put H1 tags or url code among other options by your own knowledge or you can  pay a real website designer to create the business for you overall.

Many people want the site since they can be run on cheap hosts often or a lot less than most CMS in most cases the reason for why is a lot of CMS are full of things we don’t need or want they are added into allow the user to do things which would normally require you to have to code or type out the right data to make the site perform your desired action  to complete .


It is possible in many cases to have a site load very fast on like $10 host per month compared to CMS which may cost you like $100 to like $200 to get the same speed in a lot of cases overall.

Think about how fast or good Ebay or Amazon looks from user viewpoint if it was on say CMS could it run this fast? The answer would be no and it would also become messier and messier since CMS are normalyl not designed for busy or high end website since real big companys want something which looks as good as possible and can be made to look cool or exciting at any moment plus full HTML sites are often able to be more secure since it would run on something like saying Filezilla or another software to help allow the site to go online compared to the standard of like on WordPress of like wp-admin which average person can know that then try and hack the site which can’t happen on full coded site in most cases since the URL admin wise should not exist in most cases as such this security flaw should not exist on these types of websites.


The main reason people use this it’s so easy to use short term and mid term for most of the time since plugins can do anything you want more less such as create you tables from like Tablepress which you just install and then fill in the details it should work for you more less instant compare it to having to design this yourself would take you quite a lot of time for some people and it should normally allow images or stripe or other payment provider codes to go into the table text box space then help you be able to sell the products.

Many SEO plugins exist such as like Slim SEO which can allow you to do the basic or most important SEO functions such as copy in the header tags from like Google or Yandex or other service you may need to help you understand the business web traffic overall better and it can also help you to do things easy on WordPress using the headers or getting codes to work on this kind of CMS can often go wrong so this plugin fixes most of things header wise or code wise which often goes wrong and since it does not have to much options able to you as such you are lot less likely to make mistakes since many of the other SEO plugins can stop working or create problems such as some of them can disindex posts or pages in some cases.


The main reason a lot of people like or love Drupal it’s very well programmed for running a successful ecommerce since it will often load fast even with a lot of products if you compare base Drupal vs base WordPress you will find out Drupal will naturally load faster in most cases this is without changing setting or doing other kind of improvements which is why some people prefer this kind of CMS overall for running a busines long term or short term a like.

The biggest issues when it comes to update it can be kind of complex to go from like Drupal 3 to like Drupal 4 or 5 for example the best one they created to me was like number 3 it had not really any flaws but 4 when I tried it  out seemed like something which is kind of rushed to create and overall a lot of the themes or extensions did not work on it so a lot of people just stayed on number 3 and updating from like 3 to 4 can be complex since it’s not just click your mouse then job done you have to do a lot of if you like website designing work to make it happen overall.


Many of the things on this platform are underfunded or just made by like one person as such many of the things you may like may never get updated or when you move from one update to another one as such you maybe forced to pay full time developed to just create what you like since the amount of dead things Drupal wise is often very high with many of the good things being left for reasons such as not enough money in Drupal or they have another job or other things as possible reasons for why things end here.

I feel Drupal is good but for how hard it is to update can make things often messy and overall I feel the creators behind Drupal more see it as like hobby that a real business as such it will never to me ever get to like the level of popularity of like WordPress or something but it can still be a wonderful thing to work with overall .

Themes on the platform are often designed by pros as such most themes will look good and load fast which is often not the case on other website designing softwares most people us included found overall.


The big reasons why many people started using it’s incredibly easy to use it such as I read about aged 12 year old kids working it without problems it’s core is how super easy things are to do overall but when you get down to other things the benefits seem smaller and smaller some big issues include this

Support from this software is incredibly bad overall

To make the site run well or long term you maybe forced to keep buying new software as such your host could go from like $20 now with the other extra added you bought put you up to like $200 in some cases

It is good on small to medium sites but bigger often goes wrong.

Customer care from this firm is overall terrible the guys who work there act like people high on drugs since they often have no idea how to do anything internet wise such as I guy before on the live chat asked me what the internet is please note this is not a joke but I found this level of stupifying or acting like a stoned person is super common from the support team for why if you need help don’t expect anything when issues can happen like all online businesses you expect your support team you have at least average intelligence but most of them don’t have that was big reason I stopped using them a few years ago and would always refuse to deal with them for these reasons for terrible care towards the customer overall.

When it comes to running like a small to the medium site it can often work well but you have to include overall Shopify you can only go up to like 3 levels of server strength as such when your site gets to busy you can’t just pay upgrade then problems solved if you need to move then you have to leave Shopify then go onto like full coded which can take a lot of effort and time to make it happen which could in some cases force you to shut down the business until you get the developers to put it online and make it look good overall.


The main purpose of this service it to allow you to sell physical products kind of like how Amazon work this is the main purpose of this you could do blogging on but it’s more designed as an efficient way to sell products.

The biggest problem with this which is big one it’s often a complex thing to learn how to work and you can’t just find a Youtube video or have blogs of people waiting to help you like in other things for why many people give up on this kind of service but you can if you can’t pay like $2000 to get put onto Magento themed course which is designed to help you learn how to use this service I feel this is big much money to expect people to pay since if it’s this hard to work on to me it should be recoded to focus on  user friendly a lot more here to me.


Security will often be high on kind of site it’s possible to get hacked sure but it’s a lot more secure than most other CMS in place overall.

The speed of this will mostly be pretty fast even on low end servers it can still load normally pretty fast but be aware it will often cost more to host this since it’s overall quite big system to run so you may have to start paying like $20 to $100 just to have small to the medium site to start with but if your company sells enough products then the cost issue should be gone soon enough overall.

You can automatically add products to your site then go to like Ebay,Amazon,Playstore which alone is a very cool feature that many people like since it does it full automatic for you meaning you only have to add products once then it can send the product images and info to the other sites automatic which is something I feel another service should provide as well easier overall or in some cases need to provide if they don’t provide.

The themes you can get for this will often be good quality speed or design wise and check out most of the SEO standards people expect for a online business to operate well.

You can do most onpage SEO functions within the setting very easy overall found this is the easiest part to work you don’t really need to add anything to it once you get it installed on a website host overall it’s just designed as long as you can understand it well enough to get ready for action automatic overall.


The scripts case you don’t use our program which is designed to perform an action or create business for you this can include like Youtube copy or Shopify clone or any other thing you can think of the reasons why many people can like this normally for just like short term use it can allow you to make a site which looks cool or impressive without you having to program it yourself this can allow in some cases the copy or noncopy to do better than other sites in the niche for the quality one of these scripts since some of them can load very fast on like super cheap hosts such as I played with one before which could run on like $5 service which could easily handle like 10,000 or more traffic per month when another CMS could need like $20 or more money to get the same service or traffic uses overall.

You can find these by just looking on places like Fiverr or just doing a quick Google search console can open and help give us the answers we need here to get our website to run well .


The style of this reminds me of like 1990s style of websites since it often looks pretty basic and boring and lacks a lot of modern styles to it so you could say normally most of the businesses on here look very boring but for a small local business like a Taxi it could be okay but be aware if you want  to look this design will often struggle and it will normally cost way more money or time offpage  to make it rank easy over it having very low quality onpage SEO possibly routes since it is not really SEO friendly system overall such as I read before for WordPress it cost on links $1000 per month to rank the site but on Wix it cost like $10,000 which $9000 is lot more money just to cope with terrible CMS overall .


A good CSS should allow your website style and colour to be changed and allow your site to still load fast the basic point of this is to allow your website to look good to your client or site visitors or Search engines.

The reason for why Css is a different file to the usual HTML files we use is to allow the CSS to give a style that can be applied to all of the sites or just part of the site depending on how you code things overall and the main advantage this has over CMS is that it will overall not slow done the site or make your server be to bloated to do many things overall like is often the problem with many of the world Content management systems overall.


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