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April 17, 2022

Designed to make programming or learning how to do it very easy so adult or child a like can learn it fairly easy

Lots of guides online

Can use it online or offline easy easy

Even with no programming knowledge learning, it would be quite easy for you most of the time 

You don’t need to be able to type or know codes to make this program work which if you ever are done programming knowing codes makes things work or at least easier but in this case of this software none of that applies since it’s kind of like you just click and make things happen some things you could do include

Colour of blue and white and orange coloured Scratch



Make spite perform an action

Some games you may make include Pong case you don’t know it many people class it as the first game made it was not in fact first game but still well known you could fairly easy using this program make this game and stick on a website or even maybe sell your own version to different clients around the world for like $100 or so each person you sell it too quite easy or you could maker baseball themed games among other kinds.

You can use the program to draw kind of like the drawing books you used to get where you would draw around say princess or knight or something else you could do that sort of task by the program fairly easy which you may find fun to do through it.

A spite means a character such as a cat or a dog or something you could make yourself they can do a range of things such as walk or dance among other things and seeing the actual character itself move around may provide you some level of enjoyment.


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