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Review of Meta Box

Review of Meta Box April 17, 2022

WordPress developers understand the hassle of building custom fields. it can be time-consuming and quite boring sometimes. And their favourite new tool is a plug-in called Meta Box. Meta Box is a powerful, comprehensive, and efficient plug-in to make WordPress custom fields. It’s not just another software; Meta Box can create over 40 different kinds of meta boxes and custom fields in not more than a few minutes. Now, that’s a record in itself! 

What’s So Great About Meta Box?

Meta Box is a personal favourite of many of its users, true. But here’s why professionals, in particular, are in love with this plug-in: 

Code-less Processes

Creating front-end forms, post types, custom fields, and settings pages were never so simple. Meta Box lets you do it all with ease, without worrying about codes, numbers, and all that technical stuff. It supports a wide variety of field types, including custom HTML, Google maps, images, and texts.

Black and white M and Meta Box says with light blue background

User-Friendly Customizable Interface 

The best part about this plug-in is the drag-and-drop interface. It makes customisation so much easier and allows you to navigate through it quickly. You can make your fields look precisely the way you want by visually configuring them. And all of this is as easy as dragging and dropping items, whatever and wherever you want! 

Organised And Condensed Data 

No one likes confusing, messy clusters. To make things look more organised, you can put your fields in collapsible and repeatable groups. You can also hide specific fields and show others by adding conditional logic whenever you see a value changing. You can also create tabs and columns to effectively condense your data and make it look more attractive. This way, all your data becomes stored and neatly organised so that your user database looks clean. 


Meta Box gives you free extensions. You can integrate Meta Box with any WordPress website, theme, or plug-in. This way, it allows you to connect with other popular plug-ins and page builders easily. Bonus extensions are also quite helpful. Your basic needs will undoubtedly be fulfilled using the core plug-in. But if you enable the extensions, you can also avail of other features. 

Settings Pages 

Having a Settings page means that you can customise your own website. When a user makes his own choices about functionality, it creates a win-win situation for everybody. Your settings can be as extensive or minimal as you would like, although most people prefer the former. Don’t forget: you can also create your own Settings page for a plug-in or theme. Then, you can add the page to your admin dashboard, your customiser, or both of them. 

Bottom Line 

Meta Box is nothing less than a godsend for WordPress developers. It has made tasks easier for them and taken the workload off their shoulders like nothing else. If you are a developer and are looking for software to make your job simpler, nothing beats this plug-in. Try it right now! And if you don’t like it, you can always get your money back within 60 days, no questions asked! 


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