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Review of Uxcel

April 17, 2022

Uxcel offers courses to improve your graphic designing skills. You can take courses, test your learning, and interact with qualified people. Uxcel provides you with designing courses from beginner’s level to advance. Also, after completing a course, you get a certificate as proof of your eligibility. It is a premium application; however, you can access some courses and features without a subscription.

What Is It?

Uxcel is a platform to teach you to create a useful user interface design. You can skim through the theory first, watch lectures, and attempt exercises. In the end, you get a certificate. Uxcel offers some free tests involving technical stuff like Html, CSS, intuitive stuff, or applications like Figma to challenge freshies and expert designers. This is not just it. This platform provides you with an opportunity to get jobs. The team subscription enables you to develop a skillful team of designers. outrank

How Does It Work?

First, you need to sign up if you do not have an account. You can sign up using your Gmail or Facebook. Next, you will be asked to give additional info like your full name. After creating an account, you will enter the home. Now you can select from a bunch of options depending upon what you want to do first. Following are the options and the functionality they offer.

Home allows you to view your status i.e., how many courses you are enrolled in, your achievements, skill tests, and challenges. The graphs, calendar, and timetable keep you organized.

Says UXCEL Review


The courses option displays all the available course UI design-related courses. Many courses are available for free. You can instantly start any course you like. Each course includes learning theory, short lectures, and exercises. You can take a level test after completing all the lectures in a course.

Some of the basic level courses are intro to design terminology intro to UI components. More advanced courses include designing for accessibility, 3D design formulation, Html for designers, and many more.

Skill Tests

The skill test involves quizzes on various topics. The tests are time-based, and you can earn a badge based on your skills. Trueranking


View various job offers available from all over the world and get yourself hired.


Play games of your choice to enhance your skills. These games prepare you to view real design-related issues.

Saved Heartbeat

This option allows you to view anything you saved.


This option opens the scoreboard.

Go Pro

You can upgrade to premium using this option and unlock new features. Enter payment method and details to unlock the pro version.

Features of Uxcel

Following are some features of Uxcel.

Free Courses

Uxcel offers you UI and UX courses that are completely free. You can access tutorials, do exercises, and read theory without a subscription.

Learning Challenges

The learning challenges after each lecture of a course enables you to refresh your concepts. You can test where you stand by taking these challenges.

Eye-Training Games

The eye-training games in the arcade are a great way to enhance your designing skills. These games are a fun way to develop a vision to design interfaces.

Skill Assessments

The skill assignments allow you to assess your skills. You can earn badges based on your skills that can further help you to get a job.

Connect with the Experts

The premium version allows you to communicate with professional designers who can guide and help you. 

Certificates of Completion

After completing a course, you get a certificate. This certificate can improve your

resume. You may also share this certificate on your social media and LinkedIn profile.

Uxcel UI Kit

You can use UI kits of your choice to create your UI projects.

Team Support

If you are using this application as a team, it gives weekly reports, invoices, license switching, and designer screening.

Pros and Cons


Easy to use

The same learning experience for nontech people

Skill tests

Games for fun learning

Get a job from the same platform

Certification to improve resume

Free Courses

UI kit

Responsive user help center

Basic, intermediate, and advanced level courses.


There is no option to view the correct answers to the tests.

No discussion forums


LTD Prices include $59 to $179

It offers two premium plans. The basic plan is free and allows you to access some courses, challenges, and arcade options. Following are their pro plans.

Pro Plan

The pro plan offers additional options like certification, pro content, and UI kit for the complete experience. This plan is economical for learners and students, costing about 8 USD per month.

Pro Teams

The pro teams’ option is for those who want to train a team of designers. This subscription offers team support. The cost is about 12 USD per month.


How many courses does Uxcel offer?

Currently, this application offers 13 courses, out of which 3 are free. New courses are being launched.

What does the Pro version include?

Pro version allows you to access all the courses, gain certificates upon completion, user interface kit, and many more.

Can you get a refund?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want and get a refund.

Can you add certification to LinkedIn?

Yes, you can add certification to your LinkedIn profile. You may share your certificates on other social media platforms like Facebook.

Can I add or remove a team member?

Yes, you can remove a team member anytime and add another member instead.

How to screen design candidates?

The external role-based assessments enable you to test candidates. Select the role you want to check and send it to the target candidate via email. You will get a detailed report of the user’s performance.


To conclude, this application is a great platform for people seeking to learn UI design. This application offers many features in a single platform. You can learn new skills, create a team of designers, or get a job. The tutorials are detailed, and you get tested at hand. The certifications can help you to get hired as a freelancer. The games are a fun way to learn. You can use the kits in this app to develop your interfaces.


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