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Why‌ ‌do people‌ ‌prefer‌ ‌Windows‌ ‌over‌ ‌Linux?‌

April 17, 2022

Best reason I could give you why people prefer Windows would be it’s user friendly in the past when I was shop manager I had to program a Linux software just to be able to work a mouse  to use security cameras.

Now since the  software of Linux had no information online I had no help or support I could find I tried contacting the guy behind it he never replied back so that forced me to have to learn to do it all by myself now I am naturally a coder by profession so was not to hard but for a regular person doing that become a nightmare which most people don’t want or desire.

Shows Black window with 6 window parts to see through leading into grass area for what you can see through the windows plus grey background the photo

In a lot of ways, Linux is  less user-friendly than Dos in a lot of ways for example I can easily make things happen on Dos, and even if I had no idea or clue how to do anything I could easily find a Youtube video or website showing me to do that for Linux not much help exist compared to Windows overall or Apple or Android overall.

Linux is good for businesses normally but the regular person would be a bad idea in most cases since it lacks so much user friendly features.

Most people in general don’t have time to spend a few days worth of time learning how to do something which Windows can often do instant or very fast.

You can as well regarding windows if you even understand basic programming upgrade how fast Windows run by removing or deleting parts of Windows you don’t need most  SEO who’s ever do SEO in a serious level do that themselves or pay someone to do it for them which would make Windows run almost as fast as Linux naturally or faster in some cases as well.

Security issues from Windows come from this for most of the time being dumb or downloading illegal or hacked things if you don’t do that getting security problem is very hard to get normally.

It’s kind of like you expecting everyone in the world to ditch WordPress or Drupal and go back to website designing full  HTML  again which would again mean most of the websites in the world go offline probably  or rocket the cost of businesses now having to pay high end website people instead of the WordPress guys or girls meaning again costs put businesses out of business.

Outside of if you like the geekie or computer mind people they make up the majority of people who can understand Linux meaning average joe can probably not be able to

work it without a lot of practice themselves or paying someone to train them into how work this software overall which could mean it costs them in some cases a lot of money such as $20,000 to teach them how to understand to do things  right in this software operation system which again could mean they can’t afford it since trying to learn Linux itself is often kind of hard and messy since a lot of  places give you no help or tips for example many Linux Youtube channels exist teaching you how to do things?

Not many overall and finding a forum about it often does not help unless you already know the basic if not working again become weird and complex stopping you taking action in your life or business wise if you have tight deadlines to meet work wise which most people do all around the world we can’t expect to tell a guy “hi mate get that Linux software learned in a day “ most people would fail that since it’s like learning a fully different language which most  people can’t speak or understand so getting help from Linux guy is often hard to find and even if you find them many of them just like staying in there own crews since are often shy people not always but a lot of them are often.

Can Linux work well yes it can but the basic point of since like the 1990’s is people want software to work easy not become only for the smartest people alive if we were all meant to reply on how this operating system works mean most people lose there jobs for example consider this how many computers or jobs work because of Windows? Now I don’t know since no data but I bet a lot all around the world more less even North Korea has Windows operation system  in place in the government from what I could learn before.

If you want a server to run better than Linux can make things run smoother  I would agree but for average person or business can they handle or expect everyone to be able to work this instead of Windows ? probably not.

Now if we run a big company lets say it’s accounting firm can we now expect everyone to stop using ?


Microsoft word or Openoffice?




Most softwares you can buy often only work on Windws so again mean now you loss out on like 80% of the world software market

For most people that would make jobs very hard or impossible to do plus require a lot of money to train people how to use Linux over Windows which could mean business shutdown for a few months to get people trained on this over Linux which could mean many people have to quit over not understand say 10 people out of a team 100 means now we need to find another 10 people then try and train the new people on this so again more money lost or time overall.

A lot of people don’t know in most cases typical adult is working around a extra 20 hours or more than the past 1 or 2 generations away meaning if now have to waste 10 hours on using or learning Linux that could put them into debt or make them loss a lot of money or even just time or even stress them out possibly .

On windows, none of these problems exist


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