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Why use the Tor Browser?

April 17, 2022

Big benefits first 

Very secure 

Fast loading

No annoying Ads overall

Allow you to see the internet in more real way over no blocked sites anymore

TOR colour purple with Onion for the O letter showing

Can learn information fast

Discover new skills 

Relies mostly upon Duckduckgo Search Browser 

Secure is something can scare people of all ages over the idea websites or search engines like Google try and monitor everything you do online or offline a like which is why having secure way to be able to hide your ip this means you can have IP change everytime you ask for a new connection so one minute you can be based in the United Kingdom next minute you could be in German or America or Russia or any other country more less since Tor network includes computers in most countries in the world.

One of the biggest flaws with Google or other internet browsers overall is so much of your load time is spent on ads this may not seen much of a problem if you just use one or two websites a day but if you have job which is focussed online work having ad free internet experience can be a very big blessing to improve your work rate or time it takes you to complete jobs.

I am going to cover here what the Deep web is in a simple way I will answer big question I hear asked all the time.

The Deepweb is for all the criminals or bad people right? 

No Deepweb just means all the of the internet you can find this can include crime or good things a like it just gives you freedom to see websites which maybe banned in your country or area or find websites which are not indexed on Google for whatever reasons it’s quite common as well to show you the good side of this area for people to run private social sites since it’s not indexed by Google people with 100 or so friends can talk in private without advertisments or being spied on some people love this kind of place to chat on cameras or just email in private relaxed way since some websites have way to maybe adverts such as Facebook or Youtube so having place without this can be amazing experience overall.

Seeing the internet without countrys laws in place it can actually make you feel amazing it may sound a bit silly if you never done it before but seeing the internet without restrictions in place can show you a lot more facts for example if you are trying to learn about 


Health care


Different countries

Famous people




un-politically correct information


Learn a course

The things I said above are very common for example I go on it sometimes to learn about history or computer science some of the time so it can be used for good things very easy and I find the experience very enjoyable overall which I think you maybe find in the near future .

Some websites have what is known as onion sites you may now think so wait they all illegal? No you can access many legal only difference between non Onion based sites is you are not tracked when you use the website so your personal data is a lot more secure which is why many people prefer using them to the standard internet you even get Facebok version as well to show you even bigger businesses have these type of sites as well .

In the normal internet it can be some of the times very hard to find the right information since much of the internet is hidden if the person who wrote it say Google dislikes for whatever reasons because of that you could be missing out learning from many of the smartest men or women in the world .

When you go onto Tor system you see the internet in all ways which means you could read article off yahoo or other major internet browsers groups this means you could find information about anyone who could help you learn a new skill from simply reading website pages or even paying someone to teach you such as learning to play the guitar or programming language this is why learning here can be incredible fast some of the time and many people all around the world use this service in big way such as myself I use it most days of the week now.

Duckduckgo is company famous for trying to challenge Google over the idea of it doing it’s based to protect your data a lot of people Even the founders of the Alphabet company don’t know this company was actually setup because they would not provide a fair system this is also why the company keeps getting more and more traffic all the time since people love having your browser history kept a secrect which can be simple

to hide someone shopping habbits or anything else which is why this system will probably keep getting more and more popular such as last year 25% of all there new traffic was meant to had come from Google alone which to me should show Alphabet they should respect people privacy but I don’t think they ever will sadly .

It may sound a bit silly to you if you live in a Western country but some countries ban universities or college for a range of reasons which is why having Tor can often allow you to do a online course which you could not normally do since you can change to Browsers very easy such as use Netherland one if that country allows you use that website this alone can make studying online a lot more easier allowing to master new things such as Business management,Retail management,Programming Languages,Accounting and Financial or politcs this a lone makes it wonderful tool to use to employ your learning skills or simply your general knowledge a like by it’s easy to use system overall.


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