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 April 17, 2022

How can you use an app called showing you what you can be using it for benefits for advantages of using this compared to other things what seo benefits you get so anyway the basic point of this thing is to do research into content or content ideas quite quickly we can basically put in more to anything in the world and it will generally gap there’s always going to be things that won’t understand or won’t know about a moment.

You can still get a good idea for most topics within reason of course since i’m going to be doing an article about programming for one of my sites for a guest post i’m not going to do something like this just like a suppose or something else but it doesn’t matter so we can do things that from results from a specific domain so if you want to target a specific domain we can do that quite easy I normally just stick to top of google. 

Says frase

i’ll be putting it in my folder you can create a new folder quite easy

it’s just like how it works in windows

 computers so anyway let’s create a document so what exactly is going on now it’s trying to look for as many articles as it can in relation to this so why is this better than what you normally do you’d have to google things yourself which could take a bit of time it also means you get the content ideas faster so if you’re doing art with yourself.

your staff your client or whoever it doesn’t really matter too much and so what exactly is the benefit of being able to provide answers to questions when it comes to people who use google and other search engines one of the most basic points of google or other search instances is to answer

Questions such as

how do we lose weight how do we teach

our dog to walk

how to be a house trainer pet you people

basically, always be asking questions so

We would in theory want to have a have a word count approximately one thousand one hundred and sixteen words we got we can pick our topics

now I know we just pasted brief but if you decide hey I don’t like that just

delete it later on you can also as well do summaries if you want to quite easy so I could open the links I could go into the sites and read them live hacker and stuff so I can see the things about programming language coding skills top programmer so that makes good sense I can check out the questions can I select a data in the future to send by emails from this program to a friend or family anytime more less 

Here gives so we can use that to give us question ideas so we can put the questions in it or provide answers that we can see let’s get stuff from youtube wikihow that site as well why need a supplier diversity program so let’s just now we can also as well if we wanted to say change it to non-us we could change the Afghanistan about Algeria and so on if we wanted to I just live in USA but you might prefer other countries is really your choice how you want to go about it okay so what’s the school that now so we just placed in the brief facing will place your existing editor content rephrased automatic brief so let’s do it so we’ve always information we can now use to help us do an article quite quickly so what can we do now

All we do is copy all this into whatever program you want to do the article in i’ll be doing an an app.grammarly but you might do it in WordPress whatever you want I was doing uh Grammarly because that’s what I prefer doing things like okay let’s just paste in our content now

and by the way in case some of you are thinking you can end for example purposes copy all that in instead of you do not require yourself as a bit of a body you get your basic into problems with duplicate content

and whoever actually wrote the article might report your thing to google or that sort of things I would not recommend it just use the things to give you ideas of how to articles just give us a title how to program call

it take whatever you want to your choice for them

Just take outs I don’t really need it anymore so we can look at look at things here like this is sources so why exactly is that a good idea

breaking problems down to smaller steps since programming itself can become quite complicated here it would be a good idea if you have

something about that sort of system or how to do that so just like that breaking down let’s go spout wrong and in case you don’t know language is not actually talking like things like Russian german other languages

 in programming you have different languages such as java imagery.

Contents coming to me quite quickly I do understand this quite well so that’s the reason it doesn’t take much effort but if you had no idea what

 you’re doing you could be doing it even calculators in case you don’t know the standard language of them being Java.

Case you’re wondering you can get that sort of money if you’re in high end programming jobs you can get a hundred 100 Dollar to $100,000 a month in some cases from learning the right techniques if you’ve ever if you’ve ever worked in any sort of programming jobs in a big way

there is basically no limit to what you can paid if you’re dealing with

say small companies whether you’re a car

or company’s less money you’ll probably get a max around a

thousand dollars or a thousand a month whatever kind of stuff but if you’re dealing with big companies like Microsoft that kind of stuff

there’s basically next to no limit to what money you can paid whether you’re the head programmer you’re one who made the program whatever it doesn’t matter there is basically no limit to what you can get paid in most areas of it if you’re in the middle area you can get anywhere from

around around $2000 to around 20 000 a month

come up with article ideas quicker now

Since this software is only going to be a 500 word article I don’t

 I’m not really going to bother making 1017 words i’m just leaving that in

 just to show you if you need help or you need advice you do it with advice one of the things you might think quite cool about this program as well which I’ll show you as well they actually have what we call a search

 console function so you can see what your search console sees I’ll show you one of my sites one of my sites I don’t repay attention to but it just shows it does work out sort of stuff and in case you’re wondering teaching yourself to yourself to code is probably the best way to learn

 in general there is plenty of people who done programming courses at college or university have no idea how to do anything.

 Further education doesn’t actually teach you anything in many cases practical uses for whatever the subject or course you pick in most cases so nothing of value in most to you unless you want to become a teacher

but if you want to get your dream job or whatever career you be very hard for you to get with the poor standard of further education in most cases 


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