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Review of Encharge

April 17, 2022

Everyone loves it when their business grows. But development comes with an increased workload. Suddenly, writing emails to an entire list of customers is not a piece of anymore! At such a point, platforms like Encharge come into play and make your life so much easier. Encharge is a marketing automation software made explicitly for SaaS companies. It’s got many incredible benefits like segmentation of users, increased conversions, better customer retention, and much more! 

What’s So Great About Encharge?  

To figure out why there is such hype around the software, let’s talk about a few of its key features. 

Automated Emails

Automation is the number one benefit of such software or tool. You don’t have to send emails to 500 people by yourself. Just ask your computer to do it for you while you can have a cup of coffee. You can set the time and date for the email, or you can automate emails to be sent after a specific step is completed, like order confirmation emails once the customer clicks “Done.” You can also send in reminders, follow-up msgs, feedback emails, and much more without having to spend hours in front of the screen.

Behaviour-Based Emails

This genius marketing tool has a mind of its own. It tracks the behavior of your visitors and potential customers and sends them emails accordingly. With the help of live real-time data from your business website and other online platforms, you can make users’ segments. This way, you can know your audience better and send them emails that are more targeted and personal (not too personal, though!) 

Says Encharge Blue and white with like curves E computer style

Native Integrations 

Integrations with Paddle, Chargify, Chargebee, Recurlly, and Stripe allow you to generate an interactive and engaging customer experience without drowning in codes and technicalities. Integrations can be really helpful, and here is the good news: Encharge gives you more than 50 of them! They include Intercom, Typeform, Calendly, Hubspot, Facebook ads, and much more. 

Visual Flow Builder

This particular feature makes the automation process exceptionally smooth and straightforward. It allows you to design and map out the whole user pathway in a visually-appealing manner by connecting different steps using a drag-and-drop building feature. The format is intuitive and very simple. 

Automated Marketing Operations

Certain notifications and assignments can be repetitive. These include task assignments in CRM and sending Slack notifications to your team members, etc. The best thing to do is to automate them so you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about these tasks. Instead, you can focus on other aspects of the business. Luckily, this software lets you do just that. 

Wrapping It Up

Encharge gives you flexibility, ease, and smoothness in your business processes. Use it correctly, and you’ll never regret the purchase! Speaking of which, you can choose from three different packages with varying subscriber limits, sub-account limits, and site tracking. You can pick the one that suits your requirements best. But, in case you don’t like it, you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked!


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